5 Best Amazon Repricers To Increase Profits And To Win The Buy Box (2022)

by Biz Wiz
• Updated April 30, 2022

Selling on Amazon is a lucrative opportunity for small businesses and aspiring entrepreneurs to grow their companies quickly. 

However, it is the most competitive landscape in the world and it can be difficult to get started when you are competing against established Amazon sellers.

Competitively pricing your products is one of the most critical strategies to have more customers interested in buying your products.

If you want to competitively price on Amazon, there are two options: manual repricing or automated repricing by using Amazon repricers. 

Manual repricing is best for sellers with a limited amount of product listings.

Automatic repricing is best for sellers with a big inventory catalog who need a solution to manage automatic repricing strategies.  Let's explore the 5 best Amazon repricer tools to maximize your buy box wins.

What Is An Amazon Repricer? 

A repricing tool will automatically update your prices based on a set of rules you set up. 

This will leave you more time to focus on sourcing products, marketing your brand, and growing your business.

Choosing The Best Amazon Repricer Tool

There are some major factors that Amazon sellers should consider when picking the right Amazon repricer tool

  • Quality customer support
  • Easy user interfaces
  • Fast repricing speeds
  • Multi-channel across multiple Amazon marketplaces 

Majority of Amazon repricing tools have a free trial option without a credit card. 

You may need to test the different Amazon repricer tools to find the perfect repricing tool to help you win the buy box.

How Do Amazon Repricers Work?

With a repricing tool, your Amazon marketplace prices are updated automatically on the buy box to reflect the competition.

Once you set your defined rule-based repricing, the repricer takes care of everything for you without you monitoring your listings 24/7.

Why Should I Use An Amazon Repricer?

As a business owner, your goal is to work on your business, not in your business. 

Adjusting and monitoring multiple Amazon product listings throughout the day is not something you want to do.

Amazon repricers offer intelligent repricing strategies and some with AI-powered repricing strategies to help you maximize profit margins.

1. Repricer.com (Xsellco)

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According to Repricer.com, it’s no surprise that over 85% of Amazon sales go to the sellers who own the buy box. 

Repricer.com repricing software uses hundreds of factors to automatically adjust the minimum and maximum prices based on your needs.

Understanding the competitive seller dynamics, allows you to beat competitors with lightning-fast repricing in 90 seconds. 

This is not just an amazon repricing tool, Repricer.com pricing plans is a multichannel supporting 18 Amazon marketplaces, eBay, Walmart, BigCommerce, Magento, Mirakl, Newegg, Shopify, and Woocommerce.

Free Trial: 14-day free trial (no credit card required)

Repricer Pricing Plans

  • Express ($105/month; $85/month paid annually): 5,000 listings, 3 channels, hourly repricing, repricing rule options
  • Plus ($309/month; $259/month paid annually): 50,000 listings, unlimited channels, instant repricing, 18 Amazon channels, 7-day competitor tracking, chat support
  • Ultimate ($509/month; $409/month paid annually): 250,000 listings, eBay repricer, net margin repricer, webstore price management, automation, buy box optimizer, build custom reports, repricing workshop
  • Extreme ($1549/month; $1249/month paid annually): 1 million listings, everything listed from the previous tiers

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2. Aura

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According to Aura, just having a basic repricer tool can raise your sales by as little as 30%. 

Maximize your repricing strategies with Aura’s pre-made algorithmic repricing 

Aura only supports 3 Amazon marketplaces: Amazon US, Amazon CA, and Amazon MX

Free Trial: 14-day free trial (no credit card required)

Aura Pricing Plans

  • Monthly Plan ($97/month): 50,000 listings, no long-term commitment, personal onboarding & setup
  • Annual Plan ($77/month): 50,000 listings, save 20% off monthly plan, personal onboarding & setup

3. Bqool

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Bqool stands out to be the most affordable option out of all the amazon repricing tools. 

Amazon sellers can start with Bqool as low as $25/month. 

Bqool is a unique repricer tool because it offers AI-Powered Repricer to help automate your repricing strategy without you tinkering with the minimum and maximum price of every product listing.

Free Trial: 14-day free trial (no credit card required)

Bqool Pricing Plans

  • ($25/month; $22.50/month): 1,000 listings, 15 minutes repricing speed, custom rules, InventoryLab Synchronization, price & profit calculator, schedule repricing, sales dashboard, reports download, 2 users
  • ($50/month; $45/month): 5,000 listings, 15 minutes repricing speed; Conditional Repricer, AI-Powered Repricer, everything from previous tier plans 5 users
  • ($100/month; $90/month): 10,000 listings, instant repricing speed, everything from previous tier plan, 10 users
  • ($200/month; $180/month): 30,000 listings, everything from previous tier plan, 15 users
  • ($300/month; $270/month): 50,000 listings, everything from previous tier plan, 20 users

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4. Informed.co

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Inform uses AI-Powered Repricing Strategies to help Amazon FBA sellers increase and maintain buy box ownership.

Inform positioned itself as a lightning-fast instant amazon repricer tool.

Informed supports over 14 Amazon marketplaces.

Free Trial: 14-day free trial (no credit card required)

Informed.co Pricing Plans

Dynamic Pricing based on your monthly revenue per month.

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5. Seller Snap

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Seller Snap is an amazon repricer tool that integrates AI-powered Game Theory and Business Intelligence into their Amazon repricing software.

The main purpose is to maintain a fair share of winning the buy box by avoiding price wars.

Free Trial: 15-day free trial (no credit card required)

Seller Snap Pricing Plans

  • Accelerator Program ($250/month; limited options)
  • Standard ($500/month): 15,000 listings
  • Premium ($800/month): 30,000 listings
  • Unlimited (Custom Plans): more than 30,000 listings

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Are You Ready To Beat Your Amazon Competiton?

Choosing the right repricer is a trial and error process. Not all Amazon repricers are made right for every business.

Try to test each and every repricer until you find the one that best fits your needs to maximize profit and buy box win

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