9 Best Crypto IRA Companies For Trading And Retirement Planning

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• Updated July 18, 2022

One of the most common fears about personal finance is not having enough money to retire. A 2021 survey shows that Americans are way behind on saving for retirement. A PricewaterhouseCoopers report shows that 17% of Americans between 45 and 59 years have no retirement savings, while 13% of Americans over 60 years have no retirement savings. 

Diversifying investments is always advisable, and more people are putting some of their retirement savings in crypto. However, it's essential to understand the whole concept of crypto IRAs before investing. This article looks at the best Crypto IRA companies that can help you set up quickly to build your digital assets.

What Is A Crypto IRA?

Cryptocurrency IRAs, also called Bitcoin IRAs, are self-directed IRAs that hold investments in cryptocurrency. The best Bitcoin IRA companies allow you to open and maintain an individual retirement account (IRA) with cryptocurrency. It will enable you to have a Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies instead of stocks or bonds in the IRA accounts. 

Most crypto IRAs offer the option of a traditional or a ROTH IRA structure when using Bitcoin IRA. A self-directed IRA differs from a traditional IRA because it will enable you to invest in alternative assets like land, developed real estate, or a private business. It still operates similarly to traditional IRAs and follows the same protocols and taxation binding as any conventional IRA. 

Benefits Of Crypto IRA Companies

Cryptocurrency IRAs incentive investors to hold a cryptocurrency over the long term. Holding crypto for a long time can be a great investment strategy that could outperform traditional assets if digital assets continue to see similar levels of adoption. Here's a list of the benefits of the best Bitcoin IRA for crypto trading.

Portfolio diversification

Crypto IRAs present the opportunity to invest in crypto for retirement, which is impossible with ordinary IRAs. The Bitcoin IRAs can help mitigate risks by adding diversification to retirement portfolios. This helps in portfolio diversification.

Tax benefits

The crypto IRAs have several tax benefits compared to investing through a cryptocurrency brokerage or exchange. Some IRA investors in Bitcoin IRAs can avoid to pay taxes, especially capital gains taxes depending on the type of retirement account. 

High returns 

They have the potential for abnormally high returns, making it worth investing in digital assets through a crypto IRA. Due to the volatile price actions associated with cryptos, Bitcoin IRA can help maximize potential returns. 

What Are The Best Crypto IRA Companies?

Now that you know cryptocurrency IRA and its benefits let's look at the best of the breed. There are several bitcoin IRA companies to consider when considering cryptocurrency investments for your retirement portfolio. Most of these options have higher fees than regular cryptocurrency exchanges. Here is a list of the best crypto IRAs for crypto trading if you decide to go the crypto way.

1. BitcoinIRA

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If you're looking for a well-established bitcoin IRA provider, look no further than BitcoinIRA. This is the best choice for a cryptocurrency IRA. It is the world's first and largest cryptocurrency IRA platform, established in 2016. BitcoinIRA was the first company to offer traditional or Roth IRA rollovers. It is a full-service solution that allows you to invest in Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, or Ripple with your IRA. 

🔑 Features

  • Easy to set up: You will set up your account in the shortest time possible on the Bitcoin IRA self-directed platform.
  • Attractive and intuitive interface: The interface is easy to use, even for those who are not tech-savvy.
  • Over 60 crypto assets: The platform features numerous crypto assets and allows you to invest in Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, or Ripple with your IRA.
  • Exceptional security: What sets this platform apart is the 100% offline cold storage.


  • This is the largest IRA platform with a proven track record 
  • It has high security and offline asset storage
  • It supports over 60 cryptocurrencies
  • It has a user-friendly site and app available for all operating systems 


  • The platform has high non-transparent fees. 

Investment And Fees

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The fee structure is the biggest downside of Bitcoin IRA. There are no detailed fee listings on the website, so you have to call the company to speak with a representative directly. The platform also has a $3000 minimum deposit to open an account. 

💡 Is BitcoinIRA Worth It?

BitcoinIRA stands out from the rest regarding cryptocurrency support, as it supports over 60 crypto coins and tokens. It also permits rolling over the existing IRA or other retirement plans. This fully self-trading platform allows users to make all their saver IRA investment decisions and watch the money grow.

2. Alto CryptoIRA

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Alto CryptoIRA self-directed investment account allows you to invest almost anything into the retirement account. You can invest with real estate companies, cryptocurrency exchanges, online investment funds, or accredited private investors. The IRA provides traditional IRAs, Roth IRAs, and SEP-IRAs. Since all assets are stored with Coinbase custody, they will also be insured with a $320 million insurance policy taken by the provider. 

🔑 Features

  • Support direct investment: Alto IRA allows direct investments or the investments you make without engaging any partners. This includes extending a small business loan to buy residential real estate.
  • Works with Coinbase: This platform allows investing over 150 crypto coins via Coinbase. 
  • Flexible: It supports a rollover or transfer of tradition and Roth IRA. 
  • Over 135 crypto tokens: Alto IRA lists over 135 crypto coins and offers 24/7 access to digital currencies.
  • Highly secure: It insurers all assets with a $320 million insurance policy


  • It allows buying, flipping, and selling property using retirement funds as long as you follow the rules. 
  • The platform features a free service to help set up or fund your crypto IRA. 
  • It requires a minimum investment of just $10
  • Complimentary concierge service to help walk through the entire process of applying for an account 


  • It doesn’t specify how to invest and where not to invest. 

Investment And Fees

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The platform charges $2 per month for starters of $25 per month for pro accounts. There's also a 1.5% per transaction fee and a $10 to $50 fee per partner investment. Other expenses include a $25 wire transfer, $50 account closures, $75 for each private investment, and 1.5% trade fees.

💡 Is Alto CryptoIRA Worth It?

This IRA platform simplifies the process for investors. Clients can access a large selection of coins because of integration with Coinbase. You will love the simplistic pricing strategy of this crypto IRA, which includes only one thing to keep track of: the 1% transaction fee. It allows clients to invest in any popular cryptocurrency they desire including precious metals to create diverse portfolios.

3. iTrustCapital

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iTrustCapital lets you directly buy and sell cryptocurrencies in real-time through their retirement accounts. The IRA trading platform has a high level of security, well-built features, and an easy-to-use platform. The platform is excellent for self-trade investors and helps buy and sell precious metals and cryptocurrency. However, there is a $1000 account minimum and just over 25 cryptocurrencies to choose from.

🔑 Features

  • User-friendly: This platform is designed to be user-friendly and caters to the needs of both novice and experienced crypto investors.
  • Twenty-eight different cryptocurrencies: The platform has major cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and Solana. 
  • Exceptional customer support: You can call a customer service hotline or browse a comprehensive information database 
  • Flexibility: iTrustCapital offers the additional flexibility and freedom to invest in the gold and silver within its crypto IRA. 


  • There are no monthly fees
  • Excellent customer support
  • Cold storage security
  • Low trading fees 


  • There are no financial advisors
  • You need a $2500 account minimum and a $1,000 deposit 

Investment And Fees


iTrustCapital beats the rest of the competition in terms of pricing transparency. It doesn't have a monthly account fee, and the cryptocurrency transaction fee is only 1%, which is much lower than most platforms. 

💡 Is iTrustCapital Worth It?

This excellent Bitcoin IRA platform offers some of the lowest fees on the market. It suits anyone looking to invest in precious metals. iTrustCapital is transparent pricing. You will only pay 1% transaction fees for crypto trading. 

4. BitIRA

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If you need a top-notch security solution for your crypto, look no further than BitIRA. This is one of the most secure Crypto IRA companies. It's the first digital currencies IRA provider registered with the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN), making it one of the best crypto IRAs and the most secure digital IRAs. You will get actual cold storage for your crypto as it's kept on the hard drive in a vault physically guarded around the clock. 

🔑 Features

  • Praiseworthy customer service: BitIRA offers excellent customer service that will make you feel comfortable even if you have never invested in crypto.
  • Compliance with financial regulators: This platform aligns with IRS regulations and complies with all financial regulators. It has a dedicated IRA specialist assisting with the account setup and maintenance.
  • Close attention to detail: Your funds are insured throughout the transaction and storage stages. 
  • Top-notch security: The platform offers end-to-end insurance coverage for your crypto IRA account that covers everything from theft, fraud, mistakes, and hacking. It also stores your digital currencies in offline cold wallets.  


  • BitIRA is registered with the US department of treasury 
  • Exceptionally high-security standards 
  • It provides dollar-to-dollar insurance coverage 


  • You will need a BitIRA digital currency specialist to create your account 
  • It doesn't list fees on the website 

Investment And Fees

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The platform’s website doesn't list information about pricing and fees on the website. However, it has an average fee structure compared to other bitcoin IRAs based on online reviews. You need a $5000 minimum account deposit, slightly higher than an alternate assets investment firm.  

💡 Is BitIRA Worth It?

BitIRA offers end-to-end insurance for your account. It's one of the few bitcoin IRA companies that take responsibility for the security of your crypto. It has implemented a multi-factor authentication process before accessing your account and stores all its assets offline in grade 5 nuclear bunkers.

5. Coin IRA

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Coin IRA provides services for buying cryptocurrency with your IRA or 401(k). It can help you purchase any cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, and Litecoin. This platform sets itself apart by offering a variety of cryptocurrency services.

They have a hand-holding approach that ensures customers have no trouble opening and managing their accounts. This platform is considered the best customer experience IRA service. 

🔑 Features

  • Access to professionals: It offers quick services and access to skilled consultants offering specialized guidance.
  • Excellent customer support: Coin IRA demonstrates its commitment to excellent customer support by offering a free guide to cryptocurrency investing.
  • Professional support: When setting up an IRA custody account, you receive guidance from a specialist who will walk you through the entire process.
  • Flexibility: You have the option of buying assets like this Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash,  Ethereum, stellar lumens, Dash, and Chainlink.


  • You can buy and sell all the major types of cryptocurrencies
  • It has multiple secure storage options
  • A+ accreditation from the Better Business Bureau 


  • $20000 minimum to open a cryptocurrency IRA account 
  • Trades must be confirmed by phone 

Investment And Fees

image 14

You will be expected to pay for the initial setup, maintenance, and storage, and you'll need to cover the cost of transactions. The fees depend on your contributions, so contact your customer service representative to get the specific numbers. 

💡 Is Coin IRA Worth It?

Coin IRA supports Bitcoin IRA custody and non-custody accounts. The website provides various educational information about owning a crypto IRA, the latest crypto prices, and cryptocurrency investing that can help you make informed decisions. If you choose the personal custody option, you can select the type of wallet solution you prefer.

6. BlockMint

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BlockMint is a perfect beginner-friendly Bitcoin IRA platform. It offers a premium crypto IRA with a minimum investment of 10,000 dollars. The platform provides a valuable service in a crypto IRA and will choose a portfolio of cryptocurrencies for the clients to invest in.

They also have financial advisors to help set up your IRA LLC account and select the cryptocurrency in your portfolio. The assets on this platform are stored offline, which reduces the threat of online hacking attempts. 

🔑 Features

  • Transfers and rollovers: BlockMint supports transfers and rollovers from the existing IRAs and 401k-like retirement plans.
  • Professional advisors: The advisors will try to help you make the best investing decisions even if you don't know a single cryptocurrency besides Bitcoin.
  • Easily accessible: BlockMint is accessible online or by phone, meaning even the tech-illiterate can invest in crypto.
  • Highly secure: It stores all assets offline, reducing the threat of online hacking attempts.


  • Secure cold wallet storage 
  • Makes trading the currency symbol
  • It offers bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and Bitcoin Cash options 
  • Handles all steps of purchase and storage between vendors and the client 


  • High transaction fees compared to other options
  • You need a $10000 account minimum 

Investment And Fees

image 15

The fees on this platform are higher than the competitors on this list. They charge a hefty 15% transaction fee, though they have discounts on volume spending. The custodian (equity trust) levies a 2.5% purchase fee and a 1% fee on selling transactions, $195 annual maintenance fee, and 0.05% monthly storage fees. 

💡 Is BlockMint Worth It?

BlockMint is a good option if you need a no-frills platform and want to rely on professionals to do the work for you. It's not an ideal platform if you want a user interface where you can perform actions on your own.

The company has a trading platform that allows you to invest in crypto and precious metals to fund your retirement. The fees include a $195 annual maintenance fee and a 0.05% monthly storage fee.

7. Broad Financial

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Broad Financial is the best crypto IRA for flexibility, allowing clients to self-direct their IRA based on their preferred trajectory. It differs from other crypto IRAs because it doesn't act as a custodian for your equity trust account.

Instead, Broad Financial puts the user in complete control of the investment. The platform enables account holders to invest in almost any alternative assets without minimum or asset-based fees. This platform is of the best Bitcoin IRA companies for flexibility due to checkbook control.

🔑 Features

  • Privacy and self-custodianship: Broad Financial suits those who are comfortable making trades independently
  • Easy setup: It can be a great way to start investing in cryptocurrency as the structure is simple with no minimum investment required.
  • Self-directed IRA: Security is up to you when opening an account with Broad Financial because you hold all the keys to your funds. 
  • Flexible: The flexible options allow you to use your self-directed IRA to invest in any cryptocurrency.


  • Zero min deposit
  • No flat-rate fees
  • Connect any cryptocurrency exchange or wallet 
  • It offers the most user control 
  • Can invest in any cryptocurrency


  • The platform has a reasonably high setup cost
  • They are not responsible for your account security 

Investment And Fees

image 16

Broad Financial has a straightforward fee structure with an initial account setup costing $1295. It's best known for having a flat rate fee structure of just under $1400 no matter how much you want to invest. You will then pay around $320, though this rate is subject to change. 

💡 Is Broad Financial Worth It?

The standout feature of Broad Financial is that you can hold your private keys. This gives you full checkbook control and advantage over choosing your preferred storage format, using an existing wallet, or customizing your security for peace of mind. It's an excellent choice for people who value privacy and self-custodianship without needing an equity trust custodian. 

8. Choice

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Choice IRA is one of the best Bitcoin IRA companies for retirement investors looking to diversify their holdings and add to their savings. It was formed to serve customers interested in more than just the stock market for retirement.

The platform offers a single account for your alternative investments in one place and has professional advisers who manage on your behalf. They provide stocks, bitcoin, gold, and ETFs in the same account. The platform offers a wide range of investment opportunities.  

🔑 Features

  • Excellent dashboard: The dashboard highlights your investments, including the type of investment such as stock, cryptocurrency, and ETFs, and will let you track price changes and how much you paid.
  • Integration: Choice IRA allows you to integrate all the retirement accounts into one 
  • Professional advisors: The site offers retirement accounts for professional advisors to manage accounts on behalf of their clients. 
  • A single account: The platform offers a single account for your alternative investments, including stocks, bitcoin, gold, and ETFs  


  • There are no minimums.
  • Give users access to all assets from stocks to cryptos 
  • You can switch between the traditional and the Roth IRA accounts
  • Offers a breakdown of all your investments for better decision-making


  • It only offers one account for all assets, so investors are capped with their annual IRA contribution.

Investment And Fees

image 17

Every Choice IRA plan charges a 1% fee on digital asset trades with no transaction fees for trading traditional assets. On top of a 1% digital asset trading, Kraken charges up to 0.26% depending on the cryptocurrency, volume, and order type. This means you pay up to 1.26% to execute trades for digital assets.

💡 Is Choice IRA Worth It?

Choice IRA provides an all-in-one IRA for anyone who wants a lot of diversity in their retirement portfolio. It's among the most versatile crypto IRA platforms will ever need. This crypto platform's standout feature is the flexibility to invest in crypto, physical gold, stocks, and ETFs with a single retirement account. 

9. Bitcoin Advizers

image 18

This relatively new and one of the best Bitcoin IRA companies has impressed its clients with its financial expertise. Bitcoin Advizers supports most cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin SV, and XRP. This Bitcoin IRA company gives customers a safe and simple way to buy and sell Bitcoin. It specializes in helping individuals between 50 and 70 years with cryptocurrency IRA investments. 

🔑 Features

  • Easy setup: This platform is excellent for setting up bitcoin IRA accounts with the easy setup process
  • Free Consultancy: Bitcoin Advizers offer a free consultation with a dedicated representative who takes the time to explain everything you need to know.
  • Amazing support: The platform is dedicated to guiding you through the complexities of making cryptocurrency investments 
  • Supports most crypto: This platform supports most cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin SV, and XRP


  • It has an A+ rating by Better Business Bureau 
  • Multi-channel customer support by phone, email, and online 
  • You get personalized assistance 
  • Tailored service for you 


  • The app is limited. 

Investment And Fees

image 19

The Bitcoin Advizers website doesn't list information on transaction fees, which is a challenge since we couldn’t verify or compare prices. However, information from online reviews points out a minimum account deposit of $10000 with an annual fee of $195 and a $20 monthly fee.

💡 Is Bitcoin Advizers Worth It?

This bitcoin IRA has the best customer service of all crypto IRAs on the list. It helps all clients in managing their cryptocurrency retirement accounts. It has excellent reviews from people who need personalized attention in setting up their Bitcoin IRA. They also have experts who discuss your needs, expectations, and financial situation, then recommend the cryptocurrency IRA that suits your retirement goals. 


Can you put Bitcoin in an IRA?

Answer: It is possible to put Bitcoin in an IRA using the best crypto IRA company. This allows you to hold bitcoin and other major cryptocurrencies in an IRA account that is subject to the same rules and has the same advantages as an IRA that holds fiat currency. 

How do bitcoin IRAs work?

Answer: A bitcoin IRA allows you to diversify your IRA with investment in Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies. Since IRS considers bitcoin property and taxes them like stocks and bonds, you need a custodian to manage the IRA.

Are cryptocurrency IRAs safe?

Answer: Most reputable crypto IRA companies partner with professional IRA custodians for added security. However, holding crypt always comes with an added risk, and some crypto IRA companies assume no primary legal responsibility for your holdings. 

How do bitcoin IRAs differ from traditional IRAs?

Answer: Bitcoin IRAs allow you to hold cryptocurrencies to fund your retirement account, while traditional IRA providers invest in stocks, bonds, and mutual funds. 

How do you choose the best bitcoin IRAs for your needs?

Answer: Security and fees are primary considerations when choosing a bitcoin IRA. Cryptocurrency is not backed by Fiat currency, so investors risk losing everything if the non-IRA account is hacked. Many firms store digital assets in physical vaults to protect retirement accounts from cyberattacks. 


Cryptocurrencies are still a hot topic across the financial world besides general price speculation. Recently, investors are flocking to bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies as long-term options and adding them to retirement plans. The article has discussed several IRAs to help you find the best crypto IRAs safe. 

Most of the Bitcoin IRAs on this list are self-directed IRAs. This means the client uses their prior knowledge in crypto and investments when setting up an account. They also differ in terms of services offered and fees charged, which makes it crucial that you read the previews before proceeding. Ensure you perform due diligence before opting for any crypto IRA platform. Let us know the crypto IRA you plan to use for your retirement plans.

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