Blog Income Report: I Don't Know What I'm Doing (June 2022)

by Biz Wiz
• Updated July 4, 2022


If you are reading this, that's pretty awesome.

Someone who is a complete stranger who is taking their valuable time on this planet to read my blog.

That's amazing to think about.

This is a new blog series called Blog Income Report where I plan to document my blog journey from losing money to making millions monthly (let me dream pls).

I always believe if you really want something there are three things you need to do.

  1. Fake it till make it
  2. Speak it into existence
  3. Take action


I'm fucking nearly 29 years old...almost 30.

I failed and failed and failed and failed.

Literally, my late teens and 20s are just failing.

I thought I would make it by 24 years old. Fuck. I'm a fool.

Blog Income Report: Merchant Wizard Origin Story

Just a year ago...

I thought I made it with crypto.

I literally flipped $30k to like $450k in a span of a month and half


I literally lost it all. FUCK.

Greed. Rug Pulls. Optimism. Copium.

I did it.

I did the meme.

I became the meme.

I'm living the meme.

diamond hands

This is a popular crypto meme you might have seen circulating across the crypto world.

All the crypto failures all go back to their 9-5 jobs sooner or later.

I got a job a few months ago in April 2022.

I applied to hundreds of jobs in SEO on Indeed and Linkedin.

Some CBD company took the bite and I became their SEO guy.

I don't know what I'm doing most of the job either. Just optimize local SEO google business profiles and tell the bosses: trust my plan, trust me bro.

I only started learning SEO in November 2021.

A month before my hire, I started my blogging journey sometime in early March 2022.

I'm still learning a lot.

I still don't really know what I'm doing most of the time.

Out of hundreds and hundreds of learning SEO and blogging, I realized there are only 2 things that really matters to Google.

  1. Content
  2. Links

For content, I outsource the writing.

Let's be clear.

I'm not a writer. I'm just not.

If you have been reading this blog post, you might have realized that.


I'm not outsourcing this blog series. This is the real me.

I found a few writers that seem to work well.

Their costs are between 6 cents to 12 cents per word.

It's expensive to be really honest.

A nice, long, and thick article is between 3000-5000 words.

At 10 cents a word, that's about $300-$500 for just 1 blog post.

My pockets are bleeding (literally).

Blog Income Report Metrics

I have been publishing around 8-10 blog posts per month since March 2022.

I wish to publish more than 5 a day, but I don't have the money.

For links, I find this the hardest part of SEO.

I tried some paid guest posts and link relationship swaps.


0-28 DR in a few months is pretty good

The organic traffic is definitely a lie.

From my real analytics report, I got like 10 clicks to my website in the past 60 days.

I tried outsourcing the email outreach for link building, but it's costly af.

$160 a week for the past 6 weeks.

Really, I have gained just 1 link from doing this.

Blog Income Report: Profit And Expenses Breakdown

For June 2022:

image 1

Job - is what I make monthly from my 9-5.

Application - I have an app on the app store making some nice passive income, but it's declining.

You get to see the tools I'm using for the blog.

You see my writers cost per blog post.

I consider monthly rent as a cost (including utilities).

My net profit for the month of June 2022 is just $1,628.01.

This means... I'm not utilizing all my liquid cash enough.

Final Thoughts - My Blog Income Report June 2022

What's next?

Keep grinding and begging for guest post opportunities and link collaborations.

More content; more backlinks.

Pray to the Google SERP algorithm.

That's all I can do right now.


Technically, for this blog income report for June 2022, I've made $0 so far since launching.

If you like me and are curious where my blog can go.

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